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TLC "mini-movies®"
We at TLC understand that today's families want programming that they can watch in the comfort of their own homes and when it fits within their hectic schedules. So, we created a unique, compelling and convenient form of "home theater" entertainment: the "mini-movie®". A TLC "mini-movie®" exceeds typical television and made-for-home video product in content, quality, production techniques and packaging. They are 60 minutes or less in length and are presented as live action, animation or a combination of the two.

The TLC Mini Movie Studio® Concept:
In addition to being a studio that creates "mini-movies", we are also a "mini" movie studio. With a small full-time staff dedicated to "Changing the World Through Entertainment™", we keep our overhead low and can then hire the best in the business to work with us on a project-specific basis. We're a "virtual studio" that can do virtually everything in family entertainment.

For a closer look at specific TLC "mini-movies" and other productions in the TLC Portfolio, click on the images below.


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